Drum Circle is a game, where people, drums, rhythms and music are blended in a single stream of creativity. Drum circle is an interactive event, where every one becomes an artist and a spectator at the same time. Everyone interested is free to participate. And it doesn’t matter whether you have musical skills or you are a rookie who took an instrument in hands for the first time.

 We propose:  Киевстар, тимбилдинг, барабанный тренинг, командообразование, event

  • INTERACTIVE PROGRAM, where creativity is valued more than imitation, where working together for pursuing a common goal is an objective in itself.
  • TEAMBUILDING TRAINING, during which the participants are provided with a number of options for developing interaction skills.  Here a special attention is paid to the personal differences and the group obtains a general rich and useful experience.
  • A GAME, in which the cooperation plays a bigger role than competition, where people learn to hear and listen, to share their mood, to work and live together in the common rhythm.

 Program description:тимбилдинг, барабанный тренинг, командообразование, event

  • Every participant gets a portable drum.
  • The game starts with the simple and comprehensible rhythm.
  • In the center of a circle stands a who contributes to the creation of a friendly environment and playing the music together.
  • During the program the participants have a chance to get acquainted with various musical instruments (shakers, tambourines, triangles, maracas, cowbells, wood-blocks and together) with the coach play different musical exercises meant to teach people to listen to and understand each other.

The program includes:  

  • Professional coach.
  • Musical instruments.
  • Various activities.
  • Duration — from 15 minutes up to 3 hours.
  • Number of participants 10–300 people.
  • Positive emotions.
  • New unique experience for each new participant.
  • Program cost starts from 3000 UAH.

Participation in the non-commercial social projects (orphanages, hospitals, boarding schools).

drum circle presentation


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