Drum training — team building

Main training specifics: all participants play simultaneously regardless of their number and cooperate instead of competing.

Do not waste your time — LEARN TO:

  • Work in a team.
  • Be on the same wave.
  • Establish positive, creative and strong relationships in a team.
  • Achieve good results through cooperation.
  • Perceive the importance of your contribution during completion of the general tasks.



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The DRUM CIRCLE laws are similar to the laws regulating the successful business team operations. Each participant has his/her own instrument — one has to add his/her own rhythm to the musical theme without disrupting the general sound. When all of the instruments are gathered they become an impressive ensemble — a single team united with the general rhythm. In here it is much easier to realize the idea of partnership and cooperation when each participant makes a unique contribution to the common cause.

Training objectives

  • Development of the interpersonal relations in a group.
  • Creation of an effective team.
  • Rallying of a team — its motivation and inspiration.
  • Communications effectiveness increase.
  • Understanding of an impact of the contribution of each participant to the general environment and rhythm within a team.
  • Psychological discharge and positive emotions.

Training results

  • Focus on a cooperation and partnership.
  • Establishment of trusted relationships in a team.
  • Elimination of social barriers.
  • Team spirit development.
  • Personal growth.

During the training each participant shall have an opportunity to get fully distracted from the everyday activities, relieve the psychological pressure, enhance the concentration and clarity of mind.

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