Drum circle for breakfast!

Creative opportunities of a person don’t have limits. Creative potential of a group is simply inconceivable. Shared creation of music here and now is just a ray, which can’t show the Sun itself. However, these rays warm your soul and let you feel helpful and needed by people. These are people who spend their whole life going along the beaten paths from home to work and back. Sometimes they might have occasional goings out but they always come back to their usual route from home to work. Relax after work is often accompanied by a drink. Then, there is morning, hangover and their path.

The morning in the video was kind of “occasional” for the people. For some of them it was even more of a hangover. What is more important, for all of them this morning was far off the beaten path. There was yet the drum circle.

“Well, it’s on the house – we might do it” – such kind of thoughts could be seen in the eyes of those who came. I should mention that the participants hardly knew each other. Most of them saw each other for the first time just the day before. This morning they found themselves in this room due to the cooperation with one of the famous brands. They were from different countries – Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia. The only thing they had in common was their position – brand manager.

9.30. Start. After the breakfast, without much of enthusiasm, we produced the first sounds. We play, then I give some recommendations, we go on playing. Of course, together with others, I start feeling this wonderful “here and now” – the state which is thoroughly avoided by our restless consciousness.

And now in this video you can see, hear and even feel how this amazing unity has come to us. Everybody plays something of his own, and all of us play the common whole. The people, who took the drums for the first time twenty minutes ago, who first met each other the day before, are a single whole here and now.

Creative opportunities of a person don’t have limits. The creative potential of a group is simply inconceivable. Thanks to all the wonderful people who have demonstrated that! Thanks to the organizers, who have given us this opportunity! Thanks to the teacher and inspirer Arthur Hull for the amazing instrument – drum circle!

Denys Davydiuk

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